Shipping Policy

We believe in passing heavy discounts to our loyal customers. Our shipping policy is crystal clear and doesn’t entail hidden charges. The shipping charges which we impose are calculated online by implementing an incorporated shipping module, with our annual negotiated cut-rates. The web-based quotes are estimations, which are based on weight as well as volume calculations. Our company reserves the right of changes made into the shipping costs. If any of such scenarios occurs then we contact you for your approval prior to order processing.

All orders are transported from our India based Warehouses. We don’t have any alliance with distributors, and we ship only from India. In shipping arrangement cases except standard ground service, such as speedy transports, all extra charges of customs with or without brokerage will be the liability of the shopper.

We at present do not involve orders to be signed when distributed.

Alternative delivery methods are accessible on request; however we take no accountability for delivery that is prearranged by our clientele. This includes the below mentioned:

Patrons using their own courier
Customers using their own shipping-account
Consumers arranging for a third-party to offer shipping.
If a customer decides to handle their own delivery arrangements, we need that a WAIVER must be signed. This makes certain that we aren’t responsible for any shipping concern outside our control; likewise, at the point when we receive a delivery invoice in such conditions, we are authorized to process the credit card of the customer.

Please take into account that in all scenarios when payment is compulsory, a photocopy of the invoice will be forwarded along with the receipt of payment. For more details, you can contact us at our email-
Back orders, although rare, are not automatically dispatched. On arrival of the stock, regular ordering rule will apply.

Worldwide shipping is also available.

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